• Founded in New York in 2014, IECIA (International E-Commerce Innovation Association) aims to create a multinational platform to promote innovation in e-commerce.



As the current state of e-commerce has emerged to become a global marketplace, IECIA’s goal is to grow this organization into a platform that drives and facilitates conversation about the industry in a global setting. International leaders and experts in e-commerce are brought onboard to exchange ideas, present a series of initiatives and discuss the best practices, usability and quality assurance in the e-commerce industry. IECIA also leads a series of initiatives, which includes content sharing, panels and workshops to discuss the current and future state of global mass e-commerce development.

In light of the exponential growth and development of e-commerce in China, IECIA is aware of its market importance and understands the need for many Western countries to gain access to it. Therefore, IECIA currently has establishment in Shanghai, China and New York, U.S.A.

Our Mission

IECIA is focused on connecting the most innovative individuals and companies in the e-commerce industry with China and the rest of the world. With roots in both the East and West, IECIA is devoted to spreading ideas and setting the global standard for the best e-commerce practices in the industry. At IECIA, our mission is to raise awareness, promote the culture of innovation and growth, acknowledge and reward excellence in the field of e-commerce.


China International E-Commerce Development Conference

In order to implement China’s National ‘Internet Plus’ strategy, which aims to integrate e-commerce into various aspects of the Chinese economy, IECIA is proud to host the International E-Commerce Development Conference. Co-hosted with the People’s Government of Sichuan, the conference will be held in Chengdu, Sichuan, in which e-commerce has seen great progress and success. IECIA aims to make the province of Sichuan a technology hub of e-commerce, which will in turn boost its economic development.

ECI Awards

ECI Awards was founded in New York City by IECIA, and initiated in China by ECI Committee and National E-Commerce Innovation Research Center, along with other e-commerce platforms and media. It is committed to be the prestigious innovation awards in China’s e-commerce industry. By discovering and honoring outstanding brands and platforms, ECI Awards has 7 categories in Business Model Innovation, Product Innovation, Technology Innovation, Marketing Innovation, Service Innovation, Management Innovation, and System Innovation. It aims to bring the innovation and experience to the world, as well as bracing the communication and development of the industry and economy worldwide.

The IECIA Committee

<center>David Sovie</center>

David Sovie

Chairman, Accenture
<center>Ebrahim Maghsoud</center>

Ebrahim Maghsoud

Vice-Chairman, AMOA
<center>Jay Kim</center>

Jay Kim

Executive Director, Aaaza
<center>Owen Jia</center>

Owen Jia

Committee, Exis China
<center>Raymond So</center>

Raymond So

Committee, Daye Transmedia Group
<center>Zan Ng</center>

Zan Ng

Committee, New-A
<center>Junjie Ding</center>

Junjie Ding

President of the China National Advertising Research Institute
<center>Hwan Jin Choi</center>

Hwan Jin Choi

Co-Chairman, Ad Stars/Korea Effie
<center>Viveca Chan</center>

Viveca Chan

Chairman & CEO, WE Marketing Group

Our Partners

IECIA is proud to announce its affiliation with the following companies. With a strong company base in China, IECIA is opening its doors to more and more international companies with a goal to build a global e-commerce community


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