2017 ECI Awards Categories Are Updated

wherelIn response to the rapid development of digital business that has taken place for the last year, we made adjustments to the ECI Awards categories. The new categories took effect on January 1, 2017.

  1. To encourage brick-and-mortar businesses, we’ve attached more importance to the digital innovations of physical products/services than before to convey that Plus Internet should be advocated as much as Internet Plus.
  1. The category of Policy Innovation is now by invitation only.
  1. We’ve introduced a new award – the Best Marketing Innovation of the Year to honor the best work among all the gold winners of the 14 subcategories of Marketing Innovation. The Grand ECI winner will be selected among the winner of the Best Marketing Innovation of the Year and gold winners of the other categories.

ECI Awards 2017 recognizes the following categories of innovations:

Business Model Innovation

Business Model Innovation honors cases using new models with digital means to transform business behaviors, creating or expected to create new commercial values. It can be new internet-based interactive models, or new business solutions in traditional industries, such as e-commerce, digital content, interactive digital media, Internet of Things, Big Data, etc. Subcategories are:

  1. Virtual economy – consumer
  2. Virtual economy – industry
  3. Brick-and-mortar economy – consumer
  4. Brick-and-mortar economy – industry

Product Innovation

Product Innovation honors innovations applied to physical and virtual products in digital business. Subcategories are:

  1. Virtual products
  2. Digital extension of physical products

Technology Innovation

Technology Innovation honors innovative technologies in digital business aimed at creating/reconstructing/upgrading commercial values or providing better user experience, e.g., connecting technology, interactive technology, security technology, database technology, material technology, production and operation technology, precision technology, etc. Subcategories are:

  1. Technologies to improve commercial values
  2. Technologies for better user experience

Service Innovation

Service Innovation honors commercial services that utilize new digital means to provide individual consumers, enterprises and industries with better user experience, such as CRM service, ERP service, marketing service, traffic service, operation service, visual service, financial service, legal service, and cloud service. Subcategories are:

  1. Consumer service
  2. Enterprise/industry service

Management Innovation

Management Innovation honors innovative management in digital business, such as management of resources, information flow, logistics, capital flow, human resources, financial affairs, legal affairs, office automation system, etc., using digital means.

Marketing Innovation

Marketing Innovation honors ground-breaking technology and problem solutions in marketing, including tools, products, models, platforms and other forms of advertising, as well as creative campaigns utilizing new tech. Subcategories are:

  1. Apparel, bags, shoes, hats & accessories
  2. Life services (restaurants, entertainment & ticket booking)
  3. Digital products
  4. Mom & baby products
  5. Household cleaning products
  6. Sports/outdoor products
  7. Home & office appliances
  8. Food, beverage & alcohol
  9. Automobile industry
  10. Durable consumer goods (home furnishing, furniture, real estate, etc.)
  11. Virtual products
  12. Culture & sports (movies, sporting events, gaming, etc.)
  13. Travel services
  14. Others

Special Award – Policy Innovation

This category honors innovations made by non-profit organizations (including public institutions, industry societies/associations, industry parks, leagues as well as administrative authorities), independently or collaboratively with other organizations, for system construction, ecosystem management or establishment of business rules in digital business, regarding areas including but not limited to: consumer rights protection, innovation incentive, financing, resources sharing, transaction rules, employment promotion, taxation laws, cross-border trade, risk control, credit system, etc.

Note: This category is by invitation only.

The ECI Awards Committee hopes that with category definitions updated, all efforts could enter the right categories, compete fairly and be recognized properly.

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Inquiries about Competition

Steven Wu, Head of Competition

Email: wcy@eciawards.org

Mobile: +86 18217630557

Inquiries about Judging

Mia Lin, Jury Manager

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Seven Hu, Co-branding Director

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Direct: +86 10 58692387

Media Relations

Elliott Liu, Director of Media Communications

Email: elliott.liu@eciawards.org

Mobile: +86 13146153410

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