Become a Judge for the ECI Awards 2017

newlECI welcomes senior executives from brands, platforms and service vendors as well as scholars and other experts in digital business to join our honorable jury. Judging experience in awarding programs is a plus.

We are looking for:

  • Senior professionals with excellent abilities, strategies and visions to innovate business models in digital business.
  • Senior professionals with contributions to product, technology, service, management and marketing innovations in digital business.
  • Senior professionals with rich experiences and successful cases in investment and financing in digital business.
  • Senior professionals with achievements in theoretical research of digital business.
  • Heads of industry organizations with contributions to management and policy innovations in digital business.

Please contact us at to nominate a judge for the ECI Awards 2017. All nominations will be reviewed by the ECI Awards Advisory Committee to decide the jury lineup. The information will be kept in ECI’s data set even if your nomination does not lead to an official invitation to the jury this year.

Inquiries about Competition

Steven Wu, Head of Competition


Mobile: +86 18217630557

Inquiries about Judging

Mia Lin, Jury Manager


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Seven Hu, Co-branding Director


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Direct: +86 10 58692387

Media Relations

Elliott Liu, Director of Media Communications


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What’s New about ECI Awards 2017

案例奖lSeveral changes have been made to the ECI Awards 2017 to make the competition rules more sensible and the whole online entry system more friendly, and to encourage more innovative efforts to enter the competition.

The main differences are shown as below:


We’ve made adjustments to category and subcategory definitions. Policy Innovation becomes an invitation-only category.

Scoring System

Judges are asked to evaluate each entry based on “1+3” new specific criteria.


To help innovations worth investing in get the attention they deserve, works still in the planning stage can enter the competition now as long as they fall into the eligibility time period.

Varieties of Entries

To encourage brick-and-mortar businesses, we’ve attached more importance to the digital innovations of physical products/services than before to convey that Plus Internet should be advocated as much as Internet Plus.

Entry Materials

We’ve adapted entry forms to suit the new scoring system.

Entry System

Online Entry System has been upgraded and the English version is available now.


We’ve introduced a new award – the Best Marketing Innovation of the Year to honor the best work among all the gold winners of the 14 subcategories of Marketing Innovation. The Grand ECI winner will be selected among the winner of the Best Marketing Innovation of the Year and gold winners of the other categories.

Entry Fees

Starting from January 1, 2017, entrants have to pay entry fees according to the same global standard.

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Inquiries about Competition

Steven Wu, Head of Competition


Mobile: +86 18217630557

Inquiries about Judging

Mia Lin, Jury Manager


Mobile: +86 13501373523


Seven Hu, Co-branding Director


Mobile: +86 18610999731

Direct: +86 10 58692387

Media Relations

Elliott Liu, Director of Media Communications


Mobile: +86 13146153410

2017 ECI Awards Categories Are Updated

wherelIn response to the rapid development of digital business that has taken place for the last year, we made adjustments to the ECI Awards categories. The new categories took effect on January 1, 2017.

  1. To encourage brick-and-mortar businesses, we’ve attached more importance to the digital innovations of physical products/services than before to convey that Plus Internet should be advocated as much as Internet Plus.
  1. The category of Policy Innovation is now by invitation only.
  1. We’ve introduced a new award – the Best Marketing Innovation of the Year to honor the best work among all the gold winners of the 14 subcategories of Marketing Innovation. The Grand ECI winner will be selected among the winner of the Best Marketing Innovation of the Year and gold winners of the other categories.

ECI Awards 2017 recognizes the following categories of innovations:

Business Model Innovation

Business Model Innovation honors cases using new models with digital means to transform business behaviors, creating or expected to create new commercial values. It can be new internet-based interactive models, or new business solutions in traditional industries, such as e-commerce, digital content, interactive digital media, Internet of Things, Big Data, etc. Subcategories are:

  1. Virtual economy – consumer
  2. Virtual economy – industry
  3. Brick-and-mortar economy – consumer
  4. Brick-and-mortar economy – industry

Product Innovation

Product Innovation honors innovations applied to physical and virtual products in digital business. Subcategories are:

  1. Virtual products
  2. Digital extension of physical products

Technology Innovation

Technology Innovation honors innovative technologies in digital business aimed at creating/reconstructing/upgrading commercial values or providing better user experience, e.g., connecting technology, interactive technology, security technology, database technology, material technology, production and operation technology, precision technology, etc. Subcategories are:

  1. Technologies to improve commercial values
  2. Technologies for better user experience

Service Innovation

Service Innovation honors commercial services that utilize new digital means to provide individual consumers, enterprises and industries with better user experience, such as CRM service, ERP service, marketing service, traffic service, operation service, visual service, financial service, legal service, and cloud service. Subcategories are:

  1. Consumer service
  2. Enterprise/industry service

Management Innovation

Management Innovation honors innovative management in digital business, such as management of resources, information flow, logistics, capital flow, human resources, financial affairs, legal affairs, office automation system, etc., using digital means.

Marketing Innovation

Marketing Innovation honors ground-breaking technology and problem solutions in marketing, including tools, products, models, platforms and other forms of advertising, as well as creative campaigns utilizing new tech. Subcategories are:

  1. Apparel, bags, shoes, hats & accessories
  2. Life services (restaurants, entertainment & ticket booking)
  3. Digital products
  4. Mom & baby products
  5. Household cleaning products
  6. Sports/outdoor products
  7. Home & office appliances
  8. Food, beverage & alcohol
  9. Automobile industry
  10. Durable consumer goods (home furnishing, furniture, real estate, etc.)
  11. Virtual products
  12. Culture & sports (movies, sporting events, gaming, etc.)
  13. Travel services
  14. Others

Special Award – Policy Innovation

This category honors innovations made by non-profit organizations (including public institutions, industry societies/associations, industry parks, leagues as well as administrative authorities), independently or collaboratively with other organizations, for system construction, ecosystem management or establishment of business rules in digital business, regarding areas including but not limited to: consumer rights protection, innovation incentive, financing, resources sharing, transaction rules, employment promotion, taxation laws, cross-border trade, risk control, credit system, etc.

Note: This category is by invitation only.

The ECI Awards Committee hopes that with category definitions updated, all efforts could enter the right categories, compete fairly and be recognized properly.

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Inquiries about Competition

Steven Wu, Head of Competition


Mobile: +86 18217630557

Inquiries about Judging

Mia Lin, Jury Manager


Mobile: +86 13501373523


Seven Hu, Co-branding Director


Mobile: +86 18610999731

Direct: +86 10 58692387

Media Relations

Elliott Liu, Director of Media Communications


Mobile: +86 13146153410

Nearly 3000 attendees from 16 countries and districts join ECI Festival 2016 in Beijing


During December 5-6, 2016, the first edition of ECI Festival took place at China National Convention Center, Beijing. It was hosted by International E-Commerce Innovation Association and Business Innovation Committee of China, and organized by ECI Awards. Under the theme of “Application of Innovation, Define the Future”, almost 3000 people from 16 countries and districts were gathered at this event.

30 keynote speeches were given around 5 different categories of contextual innovations and 6 sub-forums were held for vertical digital industries. Among a line-up of inspiring speakers were Steve Hoffman, Founder and Chairman of Founders Space, a Top 10 Incubator in Inc. Magazine and the #1 Accelerator for startups coming to Silicon Valley from overseas in Forbes Magazine, and Rohit Bhargava, a trend curator and author of best selling business books on wide ranging topics, who also was the instructor of the 48-hour intensive workshop organized by ECI Business School during the festival to train “digital leaders” in the future.

Apart from those informative sessions, ECI Awards released the rankings of the Most Innovative People & Companies in Business of the Year 2016 jointly with Harvard Business Review at the awards gala, and the Declaration on the United Promotion of Innovation Application together with representatives from 16 countries and districts.

It was also the first time that the world’s three most prestigious awards programs that honor innovation, namely Lions Innovation of Cannes Lions, One Show and the Product of the Year Awards have put on their winning case shows on the same stage in China.

As Dr. Owen Jia, Executive Chairman of Business Innovation Committee of China and President of ECI Awards put it, ECI Festival 2016 was a big move of ECI Awards to connect Chinese innovations with the rest of the world.

Competition for the Most Innovative People & Companies in Business Is On

ECI Festival小图

The competition for the most innovative people & companies in business of the year 2016 has officially started. ECI Awards has begun calling for nominations from all over the world for this international and authoritative competition with high credibility.

The competition consists of two parts: one is among people and companies in China and the other is global. The former is hosted by Business Innovation Committee of China and ECI Awards, and will have its awards ceremony held during ECI Festival at China National Convention Center, Beijing between December 5-6, 2016, while the latter is hosted by International E-Commerce Innovation Association (IECIA) and ECI Awards and its awards gala is planned to happen at Silicon Valley next April.

For the part in China, ECI Awards will honor China’s top 10 innovative leaders, pioneers, talents, and product managers, and will choose top 5 companies in 10 industries respectively, which are financing, life services, automobile, circulation, consumer electronics, manufacturing, terminals, entertainment, media, and tourism.

Compared to the 2015 competition, the category of product managers is newly added to recognize and emphasize the positive role of people who hold this position play in the birth and development of internet products.


Candidates for the most innovative people in business are being collected by ways of self-recommendation as well as nomination from experts and ECI Awards entrants. The committee will set up a jury composed of media representatives, experts from third party institutions and other industry leaders, and select the winners based on jury’s judgment and internet polls. The competition for the most innovative companies are open to all the companies in the above mentioned industries and the winners are chosen combining the jury’s professional opinions, online polls and ECI index. The final result of the 2016 competition will be announced at ECI Festival.

ECI Festival was jointly initiated by IECIA and Business Innovation Committee of China, an affiliate of China Advertising Association of Commerce. Rooted in China and based on China’s booming internet economy, ECI Festival focuses on bringing together innovative ideas, products and companies in digital business, home and abroad, for exhibition and exchange.

The calendar of the competition is shown below.competition calendar

More information about the competition in China can be found at the official website of ECI Awards. To submit nominations or self-recommendations for the global competition, please click the links below.

ECI Awards Winning Case show@AD STARS 2016

On August 25, AD Stars 2016 opened at Busan Exhibition & Convention Center (BEXCO), Korea.

This is the ninth edition of AD Stars, an international advertising festival which holds the faith of openness and sharing, devoting itself in discovering successful advertising works in different cultural communities. This year, guests from different countries all over the world, including Korea, China, Japan, Philippines, Thailand, US, New Zealand, Sweden, South Africa, etc., gathered under the theme of “Break”, which reflects changes in advertising industry, in Busan between August 25 and 27.


As partner of AD STARS, ECI Awards was invited to hold a case show at BEXCO. During the three days, the exhibited winning entries were: “Attitude Label” from NetEase, “Red Star Macalline Brand Manual” from 25HOURS, “ Transport Capacity Dispatching Platform” from Shanghai Remoteness Information Consultation, “Fabao: Business Model of Innovative Legal Services” from Fabao, “Content marketing of Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe” from, “’Bro-friend’ Team behind Jack Ma: Utmost Aid for Tmall Double 11 Campaign” from QIHU360, “Enjoy the UEFA Champion League & Happy Football – Take the UEFA Champion League to Your Home” from XCAR, “Rotate Now! ‘Fast & Furious’: PUMA Exclusive Mobile Phone Theme” from MI, “Transforming a 50 RMB Car Ride into the World’s Longest Photographic Negative” from 180Chin, “Doctor on the Way” from Cheil PengTai, “Baofeng’s Cooperation with Longquan Temple to Create VR School of Meditation” from Baofeng Group, “Focus Media-Baidu Cloud Project: Tag Each Building” from Focus Media, “The H5 Story behind Kris Wu’s Army Enlistment” from BlueFocus Digital, “Full of Energy” from Yidianzixun, “McDonald’s Next” from McDonald’s Restaurants (Hong Kong) Limited, and “Traffic Mall” from Beijing Xibao Network Technology Corp.


At 13:30 on August 25, Professor Hwan-jin Choi, Co-chairperson of AD STARS, Mr. Keyvin Bi, Vice Chairman of E-Commerce Association of Macao, and Ms. Xiong Yidan, Executive Secretary of ECI Awards cut ribbon for the case show. Later, other honored guests from China, like Ms. Mao Yu, CMO of Panoroma Media also visited the booth. Mr. Choi said he was glad to be there to kick off the case show and hoped ECI Awards would gain more attention from Korea. He also expressed his interest in the launching of ECI Korea and high expectations for the coming ECI festival which will take place at National Convention Center, Beijing on December 5 and 6.


As the world’s first awarding program that was set up to celebrate innovations in digital business, ECI Awards aims to provide a platform of communications and cooperation for the whole industry through promotion, commendation, research, education as well as financing and investment. This Case Show in Busan was another move ECI Wards made to attract international attention for entrants and brands. Later this year, ECI’s global trip will also include legs in Russia, US, India, etc. to find more partners in achieving its goal.


On the night of the third day, ECI Awards team joined the Award Ceremony and Closing Gala of AD STARS 2016. The most significant award, Grand Prix of the Year went to Y&R for their case, “McWhopper” in the Category of PR and BBDO Bangkok for “MOTORREPELLENT – Saving Lives One” in the Category of Public Service. Towards the end of the event, the logo of the tenth anniversary of AD STARS was exposed, which made attendees so eager to witness the glorious moments of the winners of this international award program next year.

A complete list of the AD STARS 2016 winners can be found here.

ECI Awards Ceremony Announces 2015-2016 Winners

Cross & Innovation: Global E-Commerce Innovation Best Person & Company of the Year Awards Ceremony and Summit Forum took place at Mercedes Benz Arena in Shanghai on January 15th, 2016.

Among the attendees of the grand event are Lin Ya, Secretary General of Beijing E-commerce Association, Li Xisha, Chairman of Association of Accredited Advertising Agencies of China and Ding Junjie, President of National Advertising Institute & Chairman of ECI Committee.

Global E-commerce Innovation Leaders of the Year were awarded at the ceremony. These included Travis Kalanick,Founder of Uber, Lei Jun, Founder & CEO of MI, Hiroshi Mikitani, Founder & CEO of Rakuten, Yong Hwan Kim, Chairman & CEO of NongHyup Financial Group, Richard Tan, CEO of Lelong, Pawoot Pongvitayapanu, CEO of Rakuten Tarad and Oskar Hartmann, Founder of KupiVip Group.


China E-commerce Innovation Leaders, Marketers, Managers of the Year were also recognized. With regards to China E-commerce Innovation Companies of the Year, we awarded Brands, Platforms, Service Vendors, Financing and Investment Institutions, Media as well as Policy Innovation Institutions. The honorary title of “China E-commerce Innovation Brand of the Year” went to Kjeldsens, Entmore, AcFun, Hanhoo, Chuchujie and several other brands.

Acting as a bridge between brands, platforms and service vendors, ECI Awards attaches great importance to financing and investment institutions that provide capital for the innovations of the whole e-commerce industry chain. Among China E-commerce Innovation Financing and Investment Institutions of the Year were SBCVC, China Renaissance, Crystal Stream and Axis Business Consulting.

In the fast changing world of e-commerce, IECIA aims to set the global standard of innovation excellence to fast track and help regulate the development of the industry. As the second biggest economy on the planet, China is outpacing the world in its practice of e-commerce. That’s why we chose to initiate ECI Awards and hold the awards ceremony in China. By honoring the best innovative persons and companies, IECIA hopes that the rest of the world can learn from the successful experiences of China’s prosperous e-commerce.

For more information on the event, please visit the official website of ECI Awards.

2016 ECI Awards Call For Entry – Battle ON

The Global E-Commerce Innovation is now open for entries! Don’t miss out on this chance to showcase your innovations in the e-commerce industry. Submissions open on January 1st, 2016. Find out more by clicking here

ECI Awards, the world’s first award program that was founded to celebrate innovations in e-commerce, will begin accepting entries from all over the world for its 2016 competition on January 1st, 2016.

China International E-Commerce Development Conference

This October, IECIA is excited to announce that it will be co-hosting the China International E-Commerce Development Conference along with the People’s Government of Sichuan.  The conference will be held at the New International Exhibition Conference Center, Century City in Chengdu on October 14 to October 15, 2015.

Chengdu is the capital city of the Sichuan province and is known for its great history and architecture. According to the World Bank’s 2007 survey report on global investment environments, Chengdu was declared “a benchmark city for investment environment in inland China”. The city is located in the Southwest of China and is renowned for its progress economically, technologically and culturally, making it the perfect destination for IECIA’s next conference.

China’s state council has designated Chengdu as the country’s western center of logistics, commerce, finance and technology. For this reason, IECIA believe that the China International E-Commerce Development Conference will be instrumental in connecting the most innovative individuals to Chengdu’s most influential companies.

The theme of the conference will highlight how creativity and innovation in e-commerce will change the e-commerce market as we know it and lead the future. The conference aims to promote and communicate research, as well as create, develop and invest in any areas of e-commerce and technology. The China International E-Commerce Development Conference is also proud to announce the attendance of industry and country officials, including national state officials, prominent politicians, budding entrepreneurs and renowned academia individuals.

The two day conference will host a variety of events and activities that include an opening ceremony, international e-commerce leader summit, a business exchange forum, the international ECI Awards ceremony and China’s International and Mobile Internet E-commerce Expo.

This year, IECIA will be presenting the ‘Massive E-Commerce Award’ (MECA), which will acknowledge, recognize and reward key players in the e-commerce industry for their efforts. The winner of the MECA will be a global enterprise that has established its operations in at least 5 countries and has over 500 millions transactions. Also, the winner of this award will be judged on the following criteria: 1) Business Model Innovation, 2) Product Innovation,   3) Technology Innovation, 4) Marketing Innovation, 5) Service Innovation, 6) Management Innovation and 7) System Innovation. IECIA strives to cross multicultural barriers, massive consumer scales and transitions that reflect how truly global the world has become.


ECI Awards Beijing 2015: The Final Judging Session

The final judging session for the first Annual ECI Awards, which was held at the Lake View Hotel in Beijing on March 14th, 2015, was a huge success, with 48 experts in E-Commerce coming from Taiwan, Korea, and Mainland China joining the experts committee. There were reportedly nearly 500 cases submitted and considered for the ECI Awards, and one third of them had made it into the final round. These cases were reviewed and approved by the committee, and winners were announced at the ECI Awards Ceremony on April 11th.


2014 has been a bountiful year for China’s E-Commerce industry, with the emergence of many outstanding sample cases. The ECI Awards Committee has made a list of 11 trending keywords as a retrospect on 2014, and an outlook on the 2015 industry trends.


Top 11: General education. The fast development of e-commerce used to intimidate traditionally operating companies. However, 2014 has seen more and more traditional companies joining the crowd of e-commerce. Although it will take some trial and error for those companies to learn and adopt the new concept and strategies, they are gradually realizing the importance of e-commerce, and are willing to commit themselves to the advancement of the industry.

Top 10: Tool. E-commerce was once seen simply as “selling goods online” in China. However, the many successful cases at the final judging session have provided insights into the prospect of using e-commerce as a tool for breakout for both brands and platforms. It shows that e-commerce as a tool is not limited to marketing efforts, but also has permeated into areas such as supply chain, logistics, warehouse and operation.

Top 9: Mobile. It is reported that as of the last quarter of 2014, mobile e-commerce has a market share of 33% in the entire e-commerce industry. At the final judging session, “mobile” is one of the most repeated words, where all the submitted cases were integrated with mobile e-commerce on some level. There were also some cases that were based entirely on mobile. It is predicted that mobile e-commerce will play an even bigger part in the industry.

Top 8: Technology. One of the obstacles for e-commerce platforms and brands is the cost per acquisition of consumers. The successful case of Masa Maso has inspired the industry to leverage technology in a more optimistic and sustainable way, which can further help the industry gain more advantages in 2015.

Top 7: Integration. The committee at this final judging session was excited to see the integration of e-commerce beyond marketing, where all the other areas were connected and seamlessly integrated, which was a big improvement compared to 2012 and 2103.


Top 6: Scenes. This reflects the interaction between businesses and consumers, where e-commerce connects online shopping with offline experiences. It can be concluded, that whoever get the “scene” gets the consumers.


Top 5: Trigger. E-commerce this year was seen to use “triggers” to resonate with consumers. Whether it’s he trigger of urban culture for emotional resonance, the trigger of sports for consumer connections, the trigger of entertainment for attention, or the trigger of public affairs for opinions, the industry as adopted the new strategy to connect with their consumers.

Top 4: Loyalty. With so many competitors, the e-commerce platforms and brands are trying hard to engage with their consumers to build up loyalty, in the hopes that they will stick with the brand for platform in the long term.


Top 3: Global. The appearance of many international cases submitted for the awards exhibited China’s presence and influence in the global e-commerce industry.

Top 2: Evolve. The value of technological advancement is to make our daily life more convenient and easy. The emergence of e-commerce is a reflection of this value, and the industry has seen evolution throughout the years. The cases of Renren Express and Tujia Rentals are a  representation of this evolution in the industry.

Top 1: Breakthrough. From all aspects, e-commerce industry had a breakthrough year in 2014, connecting various areas of the industry and reaching huge achievements. In one of the cases, Edaixi, a platform for laundry, has profoundly impacted the laundry industry with its deep understanding of the Internet and laundry industry. We believe that there will be more and more game changers like these in the foreseeable future.


China is the most dynamic and innovative market for e-commerce in the world. The First Annual ECI Awards will be held here to honor the models and legends in the industry, and leverage IECIA as the marketing platform to bring the innovation and experience to the world, as well as bracing the communication and development of the industry worldwide. Apart from the experts in the committee, many companies have also helped make this Final judging a success. Among all, Samsung and Cheil Pengtai have provided the resources for the session, Pisen Electronics also provided Music Cloud Box as the prize for the session.

ECI Awards was founded in New York City by IECIA, and initiated in China by ECI Committee and National E-Commerce Innovation Research Center, along with other e-commerce platforms and media. It is committed to be the prestigious innovation awards in China’s e-commerce industry. By discovering and honoring outstanding brands and platforms, ECI Awards has 7 categories in Business Model Innovation, Product Innovation, Technology Innovation, Marketing Innovation, Service Innovation, Management Innovation, and System Innovation. It aims to bring the innovation and experience to the world, as well as bracing the communication and development of the industry and economy worldwide.