Nearly 3000 attendees from 16 countries and districts join ECI Festival 2016 in Beijing


During December 5-6, 2016, the first edition of ECI Festival took place at China National Convention Center, Beijing. It was hosted by International E-Commerce Innovation Association and Business Innovation Committee of China, and organized by ECI Awards. Under the theme of “Application of Innovation, Define the Future”, almost 3000 people from 16 countries and districts were gathered at this event.

30 keynote speeches were given around 5 different categories of contextual innovations and 6 sub-forums were held for vertical digital industries. Among a line-up of inspiring speakers were Steve Hoffman, Founder and Chairman of Founders Space, a Top 10 Incubator in Inc. Magazine and the #1 Accelerator for startups coming to Silicon Valley from overseas in Forbes Magazine, and Rohit Bhargava, a trend curator and author of best selling business books on wide ranging topics, who also was the instructor of the 48-hour intensive workshop organized by ECI Business School during the festival to train “digital leaders” in the future.

Apart from those informative sessions, ECI Awards released the rankings of the Most Innovative People & Companies in Business of the Year 2016 jointly with Harvard Business Review at the awards gala, and the Declaration on the United Promotion of Innovation Application together with representatives from 16 countries and districts.

It was also the first time that the world’s three most prestigious awards programs that honor innovation, namely Lions Innovation of Cannes Lions, One Show and the Product of the Year Awards have put on their winning case shows on the same stage in China.

As Dr. Owen Jia, Executive Chairman of Business Innovation Committee of China and President of ECI Awards put it, ECI Festival 2016 was a big move of ECI Awards to connect Chinese innovations with the rest of the world.

ECI Awards Becomes an Associate Member of AFAA


Recently ECI Awards joined Asian Federation of Advertising Associations (AFAA) as an associate member. With the world’s most innovative marketing cases it honors, ECI Awards joined the AFAA in the hope of infusing the Asian advertising community with ideas of innovation and sharing the successful practices among them, to encourage advertising professionals in the Internet Era to embrace innovation and ultimately assist the federation in realizing its objective of contributing to Aisa’s socio-economic development.

ECI Awards was founded in New York City by International E-Commerce Innovation Association (IECIA). As the world’s first awarding program that was set up to celebrate innovations in digital business, it aims to provide a platform of communications and cooperation for the whole industry through promotion, commendation, research, education as well as financing and investment.

As a new member, ECI Awards will have its representative attend the General Body Meeting of AFAA and DiGiAsia Conference in Taipei during Nov 27-30 to learn about the federation’s new plans and make positive change to the industry.

Founded in 1978, AFAA has representations in 15 Asian nations (Japan, Korea, Taipei, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan and the UAE). Its primary objectives are to unify all Asian associations involved in the various aspects of advertising; upgrade the standards, ethics and practices of advertising; and bring about a meaningful contribution from advertising activities to both regional and national socio-economic development.

DigiAsia is a digital marketing congress organized by the AFAA. Taipei Association of Advertising Agencies (TAAA) is the host for this outstanding event which takes place in Taiwan every two years starting 2014. DigiAsia aims at creating the biggest digital innovation platform in the world, serving as a forum in connecting talents around the world. The congress encourages digital professionals to learn, share, and experience under the common goal of creating a better future.

ECI Awards Winning Case show@AD STARS 2016

On August 25, AD Stars 2016 opened at Busan Exhibition & Convention Center (BEXCO), Korea.

This is the ninth edition of AD Stars, an international advertising festival which holds the faith of openness and sharing, devoting itself in discovering successful advertising works in different cultural communities. This year, guests from different countries all over the world, including Korea, China, Japan, Philippines, Thailand, US, New Zealand, Sweden, South Africa, etc., gathered under the theme of “Break”, which reflects changes in advertising industry, in Busan between August 25 and 27.


As partner of AD STARS, ECI Awards was invited to hold a case show at BEXCO. During the three days, the exhibited winning entries were: “Attitude Label” from NetEase, “Red Star Macalline Brand Manual” from 25HOURS, “ Transport Capacity Dispatching Platform” from Shanghai Remoteness Information Consultation, “Fabao: Business Model of Innovative Legal Services” from Fabao, “Content marketing of Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe” from, “’Bro-friend’ Team behind Jack Ma: Utmost Aid for Tmall Double 11 Campaign” from QIHU360, “Enjoy the UEFA Champion League & Happy Football – Take the UEFA Champion League to Your Home” from XCAR, “Rotate Now! ‘Fast & Furious’: PUMA Exclusive Mobile Phone Theme” from MI, “Transforming a 50 RMB Car Ride into the World’s Longest Photographic Negative” from 180Chin, “Doctor on the Way” from Cheil PengTai, “Baofeng’s Cooperation with Longquan Temple to Create VR School of Meditation” from Baofeng Group, “Focus Media-Baidu Cloud Project: Tag Each Building” from Focus Media, “The H5 Story behind Kris Wu’s Army Enlistment” from BlueFocus Digital, “Full of Energy” from Yidianzixun, “McDonald’s Next” from McDonald’s Restaurants (Hong Kong) Limited, and “Traffic Mall” from Beijing Xibao Network Technology Corp.


At 13:30 on August 25, Professor Hwan-jin Choi, Co-chairperson of AD STARS, Mr. Keyvin Bi, Vice Chairman of E-Commerce Association of Macao, and Ms. Xiong Yidan, Executive Secretary of ECI Awards cut ribbon for the case show. Later, other honored guests from China, like Ms. Mao Yu, CMO of Panoroma Media also visited the booth. Mr. Choi said he was glad to be there to kick off the case show and hoped ECI Awards would gain more attention from Korea. He also expressed his interest in the launching of ECI Korea and high expectations for the coming ECI festival which will take place at National Convention Center, Beijing on December 5 and 6.


As the world’s first awarding program that was set up to celebrate innovations in digital business, ECI Awards aims to provide a platform of communications and cooperation for the whole industry through promotion, commendation, research, education as well as financing and investment. This Case Show in Busan was another move ECI Wards made to attract international attention for entrants and brands. Later this year, ECI’s global trip will also include legs in Russia, US, India, etc. to find more partners in achieving its goal.


On the night of the third day, ECI Awards team joined the Award Ceremony and Closing Gala of AD STARS 2016. The most significant award, Grand Prix of the Year went to Y&R for their case, “McWhopper” in the Category of PR and BBDO Bangkok for “MOTORREPELLENT – Saving Lives One” in the Category of Public Service. Towards the end of the event, the logo of the tenth anniversary of AD STARS was exposed, which made attendees so eager to witness the glorious moments of the winners of this international award program next year.

A complete list of the AD STARS 2016 winners can be found here.

ECI Awards Ceremony Announces 2015-2016 Winners

Cross & Innovation: Global E-Commerce Innovation Best Person & Company of the Year Awards Ceremony and Summit Forum took place at Mercedes Benz Arena in Shanghai on January 15th, 2016.

Among the attendees of the grand event are Lin Ya, Secretary General of Beijing E-commerce Association, Li Xisha, Chairman of Association of Accredited Advertising Agencies of China and Ding Junjie, President of National Advertising Institute & Chairman of ECI Committee.

Global E-commerce Innovation Leaders of the Year were awarded at the ceremony. These included Travis Kalanick,Founder of Uber, Lei Jun, Founder & CEO of MI, Hiroshi Mikitani, Founder & CEO of Rakuten, Yong Hwan Kim, Chairman & CEO of NongHyup Financial Group, Richard Tan, CEO of Lelong, Pawoot Pongvitayapanu, CEO of Rakuten Tarad and Oskar Hartmann, Founder of KupiVip Group.


China E-commerce Innovation Leaders, Marketers, Managers of the Year were also recognized. With regards to China E-commerce Innovation Companies of the Year, we awarded Brands, Platforms, Service Vendors, Financing and Investment Institutions, Media as well as Policy Innovation Institutions. The honorary title of “China E-commerce Innovation Brand of the Year” went to Kjeldsens, Entmore, AcFun, Hanhoo, Chuchujie and several other brands.

Acting as a bridge between brands, platforms and service vendors, ECI Awards attaches great importance to financing and investment institutions that provide capital for the innovations of the whole e-commerce industry chain. Among China E-commerce Innovation Financing and Investment Institutions of the Year were SBCVC, China Renaissance, Crystal Stream and Axis Business Consulting.

In the fast changing world of e-commerce, IECIA aims to set the global standard of innovation excellence to fast track and help regulate the development of the industry. As the second biggest economy on the planet, China is outpacing the world in its practice of e-commerce. That’s why we chose to initiate ECI Awards and hold the awards ceremony in China. By honoring the best innovative persons and companies, IECIA hopes that the rest of the world can learn from the successful experiences of China’s prosperous e-commerce.

For more information on the event, please visit the official website of ECI Awards.

NEW-A and KoreaDaily Announce Digital Media Partnership

KoreaDaily is excited to announce its Digital Content initiative with NEW-A, Asian American New Media Company.

On December 17th, 2015, Alliance Agreement Press Event was held at LA KoreaDaily’s Gallery announcing the launching of two companies’ new Korean Social Media News Publication.

NEW-A will lead the digital platform infrastructure based on a Chinese-language version that it’s currently running and KoreaDaily will be in charge of gathering news contents from the local community.

NEW-A was founded by Zan Ng, CEO of Admerasia in 2004. Admerasia is an affiliate company of NEW-A, founded in 1993 and is one of the leading Asian American advertising agencies in the US. NEW-A focuses on new media development and specializes in digital marketing solutions. Currently, NEW-A developed several Chinese in-language Social Media News sites and mobile applications targeting the Chinese population in North America.

President Kwangho Lim from KoreaDaily US expressed “The media landscape is moving rapidly towards a Digital and Mobile focus”. “With KoreaDaily’s quality content delivery via NEW-A’s digital platform, our readers can catch the news much faster and much conveniently”.

Zan Ng, CEO of NEW-A stated “first thing you do after you wake up from bed is look at your cell phone and now it’s become integrated into our daily routine. I’m truly happy to be partnering with KoreaDaily who has the largest and strongest worldwide network”.

Read more about this partnership here

2016 ECI Awards Call For Entry – Battle ON

The Global E-Commerce Innovation is now open for entries! Don’t miss out on this chance to showcase your innovations in the e-commerce industry. Submissions open on January 1st, 2016. Find out more by clicking here

ECI Awards, the world’s first award program that was founded to celebrate innovations in e-commerce, will begin accepting entries from all over the world for its 2016 competition on January 1st, 2016.

Silver Prize Winners: The Shilla Duty Free Shop

When Shilla set out to launch their service, their goal was to encourage tourists to travel around Korea without wasting time shopping. “Before we launched our service, many Chinese individuals who travelled to Korea spend a lot of time in stores to purchase duty free products. Sometimes, they complain that they feel uncomfortable in these stores because they are too crowded. Moreover, they complain that they spend too much time in the stores, waiting in line.” Thus, Shilla came up with the innovative idea of enabling Chinese travelers to shop online in advance and pick up their merchandise offline when they go back to China. “Now, Chinese travelers can buy duty-free products in our online and mobile shops at home, or anywhere, before visiting Korea” says the project lead of The Shilla Duty Free Shop, the company who won the silver prize in the innovative service category for the 2015 ECI Awards.

When Shilla planned to launce these Chinese online duty-free shops, they spent a lot of time studying and researching the behavior of Chinese online users and benchmarking popular local sites such as TaoBao to make their sites familiar to the Chinese. With continuous efforts of site development, they provided a lot of seasonal promotions such as a solo day event on the 11th of November, and HongBao promotion during the Chinese New Year holiday.

After a variety of efforts, Shilla achieved great success. There were about 1 million Chinese users that visited the Shilla site and over 30 thousand customers who made transactions in February. Since Shilla opened the China mall last June, their sales have been rocketing from USD $500,000 to USD $9 million.

Shilla invested over USD $2 million to build the online China mall and mobile app. The company is continuing investments in finance and human resources to maximize its service to Chinese travelers. Also, Shilla works closely with Cheil Pentai, which is in the top 5 digital marketing agencies in China to develop its service.

Gold Prize Winners: The Plum Tree Group and GlamGlow

GlamGlow is a Hollywood-inspired, prestige skin-care brand that offers a collection of high-end, mud-based treatment masks. It was founded in 2010 by Glenn and Shannon Dellimore.

Faced with a problem that plagues most emerging brands as they try to manage their growth, GlamGlow wanted to capture their existing customers and receive a higher profit margin on each product sold – rather than sacrificing margins to acquire new customers through major retailer distribution partners.

Finding innovative ways to engage with consumers was a key reason for the Estee Lauder acquisition and its unprecedented levels of repeat purchases stemming from brand loyalty. The solution that Plum Tree offered was to create an e-commerce store that would engage the customer while also providing a new distribution channel through which GlamGlow can deliver products.

Plum Tree developed an advanced integration with Instagram which allowing GlamGlow to post and engage with Instagram users on homepage of ecommerce site. Meanwhile,  allowing GlamGlow to create a micro community of brand followers who create and share their own content. GlamGlow focused on created a branded social community and experience through branded short films, advanced social integrations into the site, incredible video content, and some additional social tactics that lured customers toward the brand (GlamGlow) rather than the distributor. Additionally, Plum Tree configured functionality within the site that allowed GlamGlow to serve a personalized offer to capture new users within the brand email database, and a separate offer that was personalized to returning customers once the configuration recognized them on site.

The end result of the entire strategy was GlamGlow being able to exit their existing distribution arrangements as they were purchased outright by Estee Lauder, providing them with a whole new distribution network and new resources to scale their growth in ways they wouldn’t have been able to do before, and huge reason why Estee Lauder was interested in the purchase was because of the incredible ecommerce performance that GlamGlow was able to post in their first year, combined with the strong community engagement that the brand had generated on its social platforms.

In 2015 ECI awards, The Plum Tree Group & GLAMGLOW MUD case won the Golden prize of Innovative Service in the international group.

Gold Prize Winner: “Ren Ren Express Delivery Network”

In recent years, because of China’s rapid economic development, people are accelerating their pace of life, especially in first-tier cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. There are more and more demands for city logistics distribution, which traditional distribution cannot handle. The Sichuan Chuangwu Technology Company engineered a platform known as “Ren Ren Express Delivery Network Platform”, for which it won the golden prize in the innovative product category and the grant prize in IECIA’s 2015 ECI Awards.

Based on the personal credit system and security system, the Sichuan Chuangwu Technology Company created “Ren Ren Express Delivery Network Platform” a new type of mobile electronic “crowd sourcing” business model. Its innovative core idea takes advantage of people’s daily shuttle trips in the city, provides customized services for others through means of “piggybacking” and “helping deliver”.

This delivery platform promotes mutual assistance between companies and individuals, and establishes a personal credit system. There are five systems on the platform: 1) the credit system, 2) the certification system, 3) training system, 4) process management and control system and 5) internet payment system priority security escort for the goods. During the process, this platform builds the trust between strangers and reveals new ideal economic and social benefits.

“Ren Ren Express Delivery Network Platform” works in the following way:

  1. “Fast service”, parcel will arrive in 30 minutes within three kilometers of the city and with a “timing service”, users can pick up a specific time to receive the parcel.
  2. Users can apply to become a “Ren Ren Delivery Courier” and provide a service to others in “anytime”, “anywhere”. These services will then earn rewards.

The “Ren Ren Express Delivery Network Platform” differentiates itself from the traditional delivery network in the following ways:

  1. Reduction of transportation costs, as well as reduction of temporary storage to make the distribution time shorter.
  2. Environmentally friendly – deliveries will be completed without tedious paperwork.

The “Ren Ren Express Delivery Network” mobile APP officially launched in 2013. It has now become China’s largest “crowd sourcing” e-commerce platform. The rapid development of “Ren Ren Express Delivery Network” has attracted wide attention of many domestic and foreign investors. In 2014, 33 capital investment companies wanted to integrate the platform.

There are 5 steps :

  1. Required information is sent through the mobile APP. After the platform receives the information, it will pin the address of the sender by LBS and send out the information to the “Ren Ren Delivery Courier” based on proximity.
  2. The “Ren Ren Delivery Courier” needs to call the sender to confirm the address, arrival time, and other information within one minute.
  3. When the parcel is picked up, the “Ren Ren Delivery Courier” will have to present his/her work permit and take at least two picture of what is inside the parcel at different angles.
  4. Inform the receiver on the arriving time and confirm the delivery address.
  5. Confirm the five-digit identification code (SMS) which is sent out by the platform from the receiver. Enter the code to the confirmation screen of the platform to confirm and finish the delivery process.

E-Daixi: The Ideal Laundry Business Model

In IECIA’s 2015 ECI Awards in Beijing, “E-daixi” won the Golden Prize in Business Mode Innovation.

There are lots of problems in the traditional laundry business model, for both the consumer and provider. Consumers often find it tedious to do laundry and ironing after a long week at work, whereas the laundry operators often experience pollution and cash-flow problems.

To address these problems, Rong Chang Yao Hua Network Technology created the ‘E-Daixi’ model in 2011.

How it works:

“1 and 4” is one laundry company that has four pick-up and delivery service shops. The company launched a generic “Network Card” amongst all stores. It is available in all Rongchang Ilsa stores, so that the user’s laundry need not be subject to geographical limitations. This “Network Card” is the first generation of O2O product lunched by Rong Chang, which users can buy online and use offline. This not only benefits the distribution of the head company, but also increases the service quality and solves the cash flow problem.

In 2013, E-Daixi Version 2 launched where consumers were able to order laundry service on the WeChat App and enjoy a pick-up and delivery service.