Competition for the Most Innovative People & Companies in Business Is On

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The competition for the most innovative people & companies in business of the year 2016 has officially started. ECI Awards has begun calling for nominations from all over the world for this international and authoritative competition with high credibility.

The competition consists of two parts: one is among people and companies in China and the other is global. The former is hosted by Business Innovation Committee of China and ECI Awards, and will have its awards ceremony held during ECI Festival at China National Convention Center, Beijing between December 5-6, 2016, while the latter is hosted by International E-Commerce Innovation Association (IECIA) and ECI Awards and its awards gala is planned to happen at Silicon Valley next April.

For the part in China, ECI Awards will honor China’s top 10 innovative leaders, pioneers, talents, and product managers, and will choose top 5 companies in 10 industries respectively, which are financing, life services, automobile, circulation, consumer electronics, manufacturing, terminals, entertainment, media, and tourism.

Compared to the 2015 competition, the category of product managers is newly added to recognize and emphasize the positive role of people who hold this position play in the birth and development of internet products.


Candidates for the most innovative people in business are being collected by ways of self-recommendation as well as nomination from experts and ECI Awards entrants. The committee will set up a jury composed of media representatives, experts from third party institutions and other industry leaders, and select the winners based on jury’s judgment and internet polls. The competition for the most innovative companies are open to all the companies in the above mentioned industries and the winners are chosen combining the jury’s professional opinions, online polls and ECI index. The final result of the 2016 competition will be announced at ECI Festival.

ECI Festival was jointly initiated by IECIA and Business Innovation Committee of China, an affiliate of China Advertising Association of Commerce. Rooted in China and based on China’s booming internet economy, ECI Festival focuses on bringing together innovative ideas, products and companies in digital business, home and abroad, for exhibition and exchange.

The calendar of the competition is shown below.competition calendar

More information about the competition in China can be found at the official website of ECI Awards. To submit nominations or self-recommendations for the global competition, please click the links below.

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