E-Daixi: The Ideal Laundry Business Model

In IECIA’s 2015 ECI Awards in Beijing, “E-daixi” won the Golden Prize in Business Mode Innovation.

There are lots of problems in the traditional laundry business model, for both the consumer and provider. Consumers often find it tedious to do laundry and ironing after a long week at work, whereas the laundry operators often experience pollution and cash-flow problems.

To address these problems, Rong Chang Yao Hua Network Technology created the ‘E-Daixi’ model in 2011.

How it works:

“1 and 4” is one laundry company that has four pick-up and delivery service shops. The company launched a generic “Network Card” amongst all stores. It is available in all Rongchang Ilsa stores, so that the user’s laundry need not be subject to geographical limitations. This “Network Card” is the first generation of O2O product lunched by Rong Chang, which users can buy online and use offline. This not only benefits the distribution of the head company, but also increases the service quality and solves the cash flow problem.

In 2013, E-Daixi Version 2 launched where consumers were able to order laundry service on the WeChat App and enjoy a pick-up and delivery service.

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