ECI Awards Winning Case show@AD STARS 2016

On August 25, AD Stars 2016 opened at Busan Exhibition & Convention Center (BEXCO), Korea.

This is the ninth edition of AD Stars, an international advertising festival which holds the faith of openness and sharing, devoting itself in discovering successful advertising works in different cultural communities. This year, guests from different countries all over the world, including Korea, China, Japan, Philippines, Thailand, US, New Zealand, Sweden, South Africa, etc., gathered under the theme of “Break”, which reflects changes in advertising industry, in Busan between August 25 and 27.


As partner of AD STARS, ECI Awards was invited to hold a case show at BEXCO. During the three days, the exhibited winning entries were: “Attitude Label” from NetEase, “Red Star Macalline Brand Manual” from 25HOURS, “ Transport Capacity Dispatching Platform” from Shanghai Remoteness Information Consultation, “Fabao: Business Model of Innovative Legal Services” from Fabao, “Content marketing of Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe” from, “’Bro-friend’ Team behind Jack Ma: Utmost Aid for Tmall Double 11 Campaign” from QIHU360, “Enjoy the UEFA Champion League & Happy Football – Take the UEFA Champion League to Your Home” from XCAR, “Rotate Now! ‘Fast & Furious’: PUMA Exclusive Mobile Phone Theme” from MI, “Transforming a 50 RMB Car Ride into the World’s Longest Photographic Negative” from 180Chin, “Doctor on the Way” from Cheil PengTai, “Baofeng’s Cooperation with Longquan Temple to Create VR School of Meditation” from Baofeng Group, “Focus Media-Baidu Cloud Project: Tag Each Building” from Focus Media, “The H5 Story behind Kris Wu’s Army Enlistment” from BlueFocus Digital, “Full of Energy” from Yidianzixun, “McDonald’s Next” from McDonald’s Restaurants (Hong Kong) Limited, and “Traffic Mall” from Beijing Xibao Network Technology Corp.


At 13:30 on August 25, Professor Hwan-jin Choi, Co-chairperson of AD STARS, Mr. Keyvin Bi, Vice Chairman of E-Commerce Association of Macao, and Ms. Xiong Yidan, Executive Secretary of ECI Awards cut ribbon for the case show. Later, other honored guests from China, like Ms. Mao Yu, CMO of Panoroma Media also visited the booth. Mr. Choi said he was glad to be there to kick off the case show and hoped ECI Awards would gain more attention from Korea. He also expressed his interest in the launching of ECI Korea and high expectations for the coming ECI festival which will take place at National Convention Center, Beijing on December 5 and 6.


As the world’s first awarding program that was set up to celebrate innovations in digital business, ECI Awards aims to provide a platform of communications and cooperation for the whole industry through promotion, commendation, research, education as well as financing and investment. This Case Show in Busan was another move ECI Wards made to attract international attention for entrants and brands. Later this year, ECI’s global trip will also include legs in Russia, US, India, etc. to find more partners in achieving its goal.


On the night of the third day, ECI Awards team joined the Award Ceremony and Closing Gala of AD STARS 2016. The most significant award, Grand Prix of the Year went to Y&R for their case, “McWhopper” in the Category of PR and BBDO Bangkok for “MOTORREPELLENT – Saving Lives One” in the Category of Public Service. Towards the end of the event, the logo of the tenth anniversary of AD STARS was exposed, which made attendees so eager to witness the glorious moments of the winners of this international award program next year.

A complete list of the AD STARS 2016 winners can be found here.

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