Gold Prize Winner: “Ren Ren Express Delivery Network”

In recent years, because of China’s rapid economic development, people are accelerating their pace of life, especially in first-tier cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. There are more and more demands for city logistics distribution, which traditional distribution cannot handle. The Sichuan Chuangwu Technology Company engineered a platform known as “Ren Ren Express Delivery Network Platform”, for which it won the golden prize in the innovative product category and the grant prize in IECIA’s 2015 ECI Awards.

Based on the personal credit system and security system, the Sichuan Chuangwu Technology Company created “Ren Ren Express Delivery Network Platform” a new type of mobile electronic “crowd sourcing” business model. Its innovative core idea takes advantage of people’s daily shuttle trips in the city, provides customized services for others through means of “piggybacking” and “helping deliver”.

This delivery platform promotes mutual assistance between companies and individuals, and establishes a personal credit system. There are five systems on the platform: 1) the credit system, 2) the certification system, 3) training system, 4) process management and control system and 5) internet payment system priority security escort for the goods. During the process, this platform builds the trust between strangers and reveals new ideal economic and social benefits.

“Ren Ren Express Delivery Network Platform” works in the following way:

  1. “Fast service”, parcel will arrive in 30 minutes within three kilometers of the city and with a “timing service”, users can pick up a specific time to receive the parcel.
  2. Users can apply to become a “Ren Ren Delivery Courier” and provide a service to others in “anytime”, “anywhere”. These services will then earn rewards.

The “Ren Ren Express Delivery Network Platform” differentiates itself from the traditional delivery network in the following ways:

  1. Reduction of transportation costs, as well as reduction of temporary storage to make the distribution time shorter.
  2. Environmentally friendly – deliveries will be completed without tedious paperwork.

The “Ren Ren Express Delivery Network” mobile APP officially launched in 2013. It has now become China’s largest “crowd sourcing” e-commerce platform. The rapid development of “Ren Ren Express Delivery Network” has attracted wide attention of many domestic and foreign investors. In 2014, 33 capital investment companies wanted to integrate the platform.

There are 5 steps :

  1. Required information is sent through the mobile APP. After the platform receives the information, it will pin the address of the sender by LBS and send out the information to the “Ren Ren Delivery Courier” based on proximity.
  2. The “Ren Ren Delivery Courier” needs to call the sender to confirm the address, arrival time, and other information within one minute.
  3. When the parcel is picked up, the “Ren Ren Delivery Courier” will have to present his/her work permit and take at least two picture of what is inside the parcel at different angles.
  4. Inform the receiver on the arriving time and confirm the delivery address.
  5. Confirm the five-digit identification code (SMS) which is sent out by the platform from the receiver. Enter the code to the confirmation screen of the platform to confirm and finish the delivery process.
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