Gold Prize Winners: The Plum Tree Group and GlamGlow

GlamGlow is a Hollywood-inspired, prestige skin-care brand that offers a collection of high-end, mud-based treatment masks. It was founded in 2010 by Glenn and Shannon Dellimore.

Faced with a problem that plagues most emerging brands as they try to manage their growth, GlamGlow wanted to capture their existing customers and receive a higher profit margin on each product sold – rather than sacrificing margins to acquire new customers through major retailer distribution partners.

Finding innovative ways to engage with consumers was a key reason for the Estee Lauder acquisition and its unprecedented levels of repeat purchases stemming from brand loyalty. The solution that Plum Tree offered was to create an e-commerce store that would engage the customer while also providing a new distribution channel through which GlamGlow can deliver products.

Plum Tree developed an advanced integration with Instagram which allowing GlamGlow to post and engage with Instagram users on homepage of ecommerce site. Meanwhile,  allowing GlamGlow to create a micro community of brand followers who create and share their own content. GlamGlow focused on created a branded social community and experience through branded short films, advanced social integrations into the site, incredible video content, and some additional social tactics that lured customers toward the brand (GlamGlow) rather than the distributor. Additionally, Plum Tree configured functionality within the site that allowed GlamGlow to serve a personalized offer to capture new users within the brand email database, and a separate offer that was personalized to returning customers once the configuration recognized them on site.

The end result of the entire strategy was GlamGlow being able to exit their existing distribution arrangements as they were purchased outright by Estee Lauder, providing them with a whole new distribution network and new resources to scale their growth in ways they wouldn’t have been able to do before, and huge reason why Estee Lauder was interested in the purchase was because of the incredible ecommerce performance that GlamGlow was able to post in their first year, combined with the strong community engagement that the brand had generated on its social platforms.

In 2015 ECI awards, The Plum Tree Group & GLAMGLOW MUD case won the Golden prize of Innovative Service in the international group.

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