Nearly 3000 attendees from 16 countries and districts join ECI Festival 2016 in Beijing


During December 5-6, 2016, the first edition of ECI Festival took place at China National Convention Center, Beijing. It was hosted by International E-Commerce Innovation Association and Business Innovation Committee of China, and organized by ECI Awards. Under the theme of “Application of Innovation, Define the Future”, almost 3000 people from 16 countries and districts were gathered at this event.

30 keynote speeches were given around 5 different categories of contextual innovations and 6 sub-forums were held for vertical digital industries. Among a line-up of inspiring speakers were Steve Hoffman, Founder and Chairman of Founders Space, a Top 10 Incubator in Inc. Magazine and the #1 Accelerator for startups coming to Silicon Valley from overseas in Forbes Magazine, and Rohit Bhargava, a trend curator and author of best selling business books on wide ranging topics, who also was the instructor of the 48-hour intensive workshop organized by ECI Business School during the festival to train “digital leaders” in the future.

Apart from those informative sessions, ECI Awards released the rankings of the Most Innovative People & Companies in Business of the Year 2016 jointly with Harvard Business Review at the awards gala, and the Declaration on the United Promotion of Innovation Application together with representatives from 16 countries and districts.

It was also the first time that the world’s three most prestigious awards programs that honor innovation, namely Lions Innovation of Cannes Lions, One Show and the Product of the Year Awards have put on their winning case shows on the same stage in China.

As Dr. Owen Jia, Executive Chairman of Business Innovation Committee of China and President of ECI Awards put it, ECI Festival 2016 was a big move of ECI Awards to connect Chinese innovations with the rest of the world.

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