Definition of Categories

ECI Awards will recognize and honor top 5 companies in each of the following 10 industries:


Including but not limited to banks, insurances, funds, securities, payment services, credit agencies, lotteries, personal finances, financial security, financial products, P2P, crowd funding, virtual currencies, supply-chain finances, etc.

Life Services

Including but not limited to information services, housekeeping, beauty industry, laundry, talent recruitment, ticket services, restaurants, dating & wedding, etc.


Including but not limited to new vehicles, used vehicles, aftermarket, Internet of Vehicles, new energy automobile, intelligent automobile, etc.


Including but not limited to offline retail, online B2C, mobile shopping, online C2C, franchised stores, cross-border e-commerce, wholesale/B2B, vertical e-commerce, rebate, selection of goods, logistics, warehousing, etc.

Consumer Electronics

Including but not limited to home theater, home appliances, office appliances, communication products, etc.


Including but not limited to industry 4.0, smart plant, intelligent manufacturing, industrial big data, industrial robot, etc.


Including but not limited to smart phones, PC’s/laptops, smart computers, tablets, home video game consoles, etc.


Including but not limited to competitive sports, sports events, stadiums, sports goods, sportswear and sports equipment, leisure sports, online games, video games, e-sports, music, digital publishing, online literature, show entertainment, mobile audio, movies, TV series/shows, online self-made dramas, animations, etc.


Including but not limited to internet media, mobile media, search engines, online video, social media/communities, vertical media, marketing services, new media, etc.


Including but not limited to tourism tools/communities, hotels, airplane tickets, tourism products, business trips, etc.